A new ERP for Formula



Formula's need was to create a totally standardized environment with the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for production companies, to manage the complexity of lines and products both in production and management-distribution.
“"The benefits of the new Business Central product for Formula consist in a renewal, ease of use, significant simplification of the internal company infrastructure using the cloud platform.”
Giacomo Becocci, VP Sales and Operations, Formula s.r.l.


The goal is burning: to go live in 3 months with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, a new generation cloud system that can be perfectly integrated with the existing Microsoft ecosystem in the company. The project was launched in October and Velika faces the 'mission impossible': the 'live' of the new system should have coincided with the new calendar year


Formula's goal is to become more information driven: to be more visible to customers by giving them the ability to view the status of production, make new orders, changes, while receiving and processing the information it receives from the market.

In the future, business intelligence with Microsoft PowerBI and reseller management will be considered.

After all, continuous growth, without the fears (and hidden costs) that in the past made the adoption of a new version of the management platform so complicated, is one of the great advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in the cloud. Velika's approach is to continue making small but constant steps forward with her client, gradually providing the necessary training: an agile and concrete 'delivery', which has changed the way of working at Formula srl.

""Velika was able to satisfy all our requests, the team of people who followed the Formula project was able to meet the ambitious deadlines that we had set ourselves from the beginning, to transfer data from Dynamics NAV to Business Central in a flawless, and finally to realize all our customization needs that were not possible on the old platform. "
Giacomo Becocci, VP Sales and Operations, Formula s.r.l.

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