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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the new ERP from Microsoft that unites customers and products, people and data, to support companies to create an impact quickly and help them conduct their business towards increasingly ambitious goals. From the back-office to the frontline sales force, up to the supply chain and help desk, business today is interconnection, speed and dynamism. Dynamics 365 Business Central breaks down the barriers of traditional communication between departments, uniting interrelated data thanks to native integration with Power BI, creating user-friendly infos that allows informed decisions.
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Connect your teams through a single solution

Ensure business continuity with a solution that connects operations, finance, sales and service teams, enabling them to adapt more easily. quickly and deliver results.

Store and protect business-critical data

Keep mission-critical business data under control and protect it from unauthorized access with our data protection services

Prepare for growth

Act on the evolution of your business to adapt in real time to market dynamics.

Optimize inventory and supply chain management

Meet deadlines and adapt your activities to the evolution of business models thanks to visibility on purchases, production, inventory and warehouse

Increase financial visibility and performance

Accelerate financial close, improve forecasts and get real-time performance metrics.

Do your business anywhere

Work wherever your business takes you. Thanks to the desktop and mobile modes, both locally and in the cloud, remote working will become natural.

Complete projects on time and on budget

Ensure successful project execution and operational ROI with planning, resource allocation, traceability, costing, billing and accounting options.

Unlock productivity and business insights

Connect people, processes and insights to make informed decisions with built-in Power BI.

Increase sales and improve customer service

Pay more attention to customers by managing the entire sales process from Microsoft Outlook and ensure better results with connected service operations.

What does Dynamics 365 Business Central do?


Dynamics 365 Business Central can be used both in Cloud and On-Premise, in desktop or mobile mode. Resources, features, users ... everything is scalable and can be adapted to your needs with just a few clicks

Informed decisions

Sales estimate using historical data Visualization of data in real time Access Business Intelligence where and when you need it with data updated in real-time and different KPIs for roles and objectives


Improve administrative management and expense control, optimize resources and supply chain thanks to the predictive activity of Business Central


Improve communication and bring operations, finance, sales and service teams together with a single business management solution.

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