Technology and functionality for SMEs

The management software that unites all business areas and accompanies them in their growth.

A flexible software, which guarantees high functional coverage, designed to give maximum control and integrate processes, increasing productivity and supporting the company in an increasingly competitive market context. Business Cube offers a wide range of application functions and programs for the integrated management of business processes: workflow, administration, warehouse and logistics, production and planning, finance and management control, CRM, Customer Service, and point of sale management. The program is developed on a single relational database and on a single framework, to ensure maximum usability of the data and complete navigability of the information. Thanks to the continuous comparison with the needs of users, Business Cube presents itself with a versatile guise, constituting a work tool able to respond to the functional requests of companies. With its modular structure, Business Cube allows you to buy only “what you need”, with the possibility of adding new functions as management needs grow.



The programs are designed to guarantee the operator maximum usability and productivity. The graphic interface is developed in a responsive and adaptive, adapting to the screen of any device. The “Business Wings” provide users with additional information related to the operations in progress.

Desktop Consolle

A customizable console that allows you to take advantage of all the data users need with a few clicks. The operator can choose at any time which data to display, to check the customer's situation (orders, deadlines, documents, etc.), fulfill orders, check their status or issue an invoice from a transport document

Smart Business

Smart Business Framework, with server and web based logics, allows internet access to ERP Business management software Cube, via APP or Browser, The APP user interface is simpler and more functional, with larger buttons, automatic proposal of “recent” data and settings and a smaller keyboard.

Configurable masks

Business Cube incorporates the "Flow Layout" function that allows the operator to move the sectors to a different position of the program screen at any time, by clicking with the mouse on the chosen sector and dragging it (drag & drop functionality), to configure the layout as needed.

Business People

Users can engage colleagues, customers, suppliers and leads by sharing information and news. It allows users to collaborate in a social-oriented way similar to Facebook ©, using a special social desktop to publish posts, organize meetings, share documents or links to management objects (commitments, orders, warehouse documents, offers ...)


Workflow is the ideal tool for managing business processes, automating activities and reducing execution times. It allows you to create structured process models, where each activity is organized on the basis of a precise assignment of tasks and procedures. You can create activation rules that will notify the figures involved of the assignment of a new activity. The console allows the to monitor the progress of activities and view comments on different tasks

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