Tempo Zero 

The add-on that improves business processes and increases marginality

Tempo Zero 

The add-on that improves business processes and increases marginality

From the union of several companies, the strength of a complete and performing Suite

Nav-lab, the group of companies to which Velika is a part, has developed TempoZero with the aim of reducing COSTS by acting on the TIME factor. Tempo Zero (also in Cloud version) allows the start-up of ERP in the company in a short time, with complete coverage of the management needs of the Italian company, allowing staff to work more efficiently and focus on achieving company objectives.

Make your company modern

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Centrai, enriched by Tempo Zero, acquire a complete overview of your business, streamline processes, improve interactions with clients and promote the growth of your company. Companies that already use TempoZero testify to the fact that it is easy, intuitive and close to their way of working.

Put flexibility at the heart of your business! The strength of Business Central lies in its ease of customization and modular scalability, which allows it to meet business needs and industry specifications.

Tempo Zero evolves into vertical solutions for the following sectors:



Chemistry and foundries




Production to order


Hundreds of companies and thousands of users use Tempo Zero for Dynamics 365 Business Central - the first release of which dates back to 2003, when ERP was still called Navision. The additional features have the task of bridging the gap between the Microsoft ERP and the working methods of the typical company. Some of the areas and features created:

Connector with DOC-FINANCE to work in real-time by optimizing the timing of bank registrations.

Utility area Import / Export data Automatic sending and archiving of documents

Administration area Chart of accounts, accounting reports, advanced accounting management, enasarco management, business crisis

Accounting and customers area Accounts receivable report Accounts payable report Advanced purchases

Production area Enhancement of scaled lists at ultimate cost - Forecast costs - Views Quality area Non-Conformity Management - Report

Sales area Free bill management - Packing List management - Commission management - etc. Advanced treasury management

Tempo Zero is kept up to date with the new releases of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with an evolutionary road map that follows that of the Microsoft ERP; through the Zero Time upgrades, the costs of the migration are drastically reduced. Full integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central allows our customers to work while taking advantage of numerous additional features that would otherwise have to be created through costly customizations. The additional functions solve specific needs that the consortium's customers have placed over time and are continuously fed. By purchasing Tempo Zero, you will therefore benefit from, in addition to the features already present at the time of purchase, and also the new ones that are gradually released by our R&D laboratory. Certified by Microsoft for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Ask us for more information about TempoZero and the possibilities of integration with your Microsoft Business Central ERP!